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he wants the ass [for hockeffusions]

For: hockeffusions
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: swearing
Word count: 3k
Summary: what does oh sehun do when byun baekhyun loves an ass in jeans?
Author's Note: thank you for the prompts! i had fun writing this and took some liberty with your prompt, i hope you enjoy it too :)

Sehun pulls at his loose jeans--no, Jongin's loose jeans--around his thighs and frowns in the mirror. "These jeans make my legs look even shorter than usual."

Jongin turns the page of his book, not bothering to give Sehun the attention he wants. "Not my fault my thighs are thicker than yours," he says mindlessly.

"Yeah but my ass is bigger than yours. Therefore, nicer than yours. And yet they still don't fill these!" Sehun turns to get a side view, sadly patting his ass. "They don't do you justice, baby," he whispers.

Jongin flips the page loudly this time, slightly annoyed. "Are you really talking to your ass, Oh Sehun."

Sehun still hasn't taken his eyes off the mirror, fixated on how his frame won't fill Jongin's jeans.

Jongin puts his book down. "Sehun. Stop being vain. You look ugly now take off my pants and give them back."

Sehun sighs in defeat, angrily unzipping the jeans. "Thanks for being such a great friend, Jongin. Thanks for having only two wearable pairs of jeans because you never do your fucking laundry. Thanks. Really." He throws the pair at Jongin, who gasps in horror.

"You went commando in my pants?!"

Sehun nods proudly. "Less restriction, more air. My balls can breathe."

Jongin scoffs, rounding up the jeans and whipping Sehun's bare ass. "Shut the fuck up, albino. Get out of here."

Sehun skips out of Jongin's room with a bright red mark on his left ass cheek.


It's not that Sehun doesn't have the money to buy new jeans, it's just that--No. It is that. Sehun doesn't have the money to buy new jeans.

After getting fired from his part-time job at Gongcha, Sehun resigned to never find a job in the fast food service ever again. He cannot deal with indecisive, annoying teenagers asking for 3/4ths sugar and two pumps of syrup then changing their mind after their order's finished to 1/2 sugar and three pumps of syrup instead. Like shit, bubble tea is bubble tea. It tastes delicious no matter what. Why do people need to get all technical about it?

Aside from that, Sehun's parents won't give him any more allowance. Not after they caught him spending his short-lived pay checks on League skins. He didn't even try explaining himself. They wouldn't understand that Heartseeker Ashe was just way too pretty to pass up on.

So now, Sehun has resorted to rummaging through his friends's wardrobes. But with no success.

Sehun spent the last month organizing his own closet, coming up with three categories of pants: the jeans that make him look Hot, that jeans that make him look like a Hipster, and the jeans that make him look like a Hobo. The 3 H's.

Unfortunately for Sehun, he's organized them in increasing order. Meaning, he doesn't have many jeans that make him look Hot.

Which is a major problem because Byun Baekhyun specifically said he loves a nice ass in a good pair of jeans. Oh shit, Byun Baekhyun.


It happened over a month ago.

Sehun was late for school with a piece of toast hanging from his mouth, out of breath having sprinted to the bus stop. He walked into his calculus class 5 minutes late, crumbs generously spotting the tie of his uniform.

Mr. Kim scoffed at Sehun's tardiness and gave him a detention slip.

Although Sehun was far from enthused about it then, in retrospect, it was one of the best things that could have happened to him.

Lunch that same day, Sehun tries dragging Jongin with him. "Jongin, please? It's only an hour and you can come to my house after and sleep over too," Sehun begs.

Jongin laughs into his sandwich. "You think that's an incentive for me to come with? No way, Sehun. You're on your own. Plus the last time I asked you to come with me, you blew me off for a date with Zitao. And look at you now."

"Hey!" Sehun pouts. "That's not fair. I got a free dinner that night. Don't you always tell my skinny ass to eat? I was fed real good."

Jongin's face scrunches up. "God Sehun, I'm eating. Save those details for someone who wants to hear it."

The bell rang then, ending Sehun's futile attempts to encage Jongin in the soul-sucking hour of detention.

But when the time came, Sehun couldn't be any happier to be alone. Because the only other person at detention that day was Sehun's senior eye candy, Byun Baekhyun.


Sehun slaps himself at the memory. "Calm down, Sehun," he says to himself. "You can do this," he starts to chant. You can do this. You can do this.

Sehun continues his pursuit for the perfect pair of jeans.

He decides to try his dad's closet. Something vintage. Sehun could start a trend. Retro was coming back anyway.

But when Sehun opened up his dad's drawer, it was filled with flared or harem pants. And they didn't accentuate his ass at all. Why hide the goods? Never hide the goods.

Sehun starts to feel desperate.

But then he thinks of something.

Everyone knows the saying: desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Sehun sneaks into his mom's closet. He takes her tightest pairs of pants, the skinniest jeans he can find. His mom always scolded him telling him to eat more because his waist was so thin, matching her's at that age.

After much struggling and writhing in the tight denim, Sehun approaches the mirror, eyes shut with nervous anticipation.

It looked great.

The fit was amazing.

Hugging all the right places, accentuating all of his major and minor curves. And his ass. Yes. His ass. It was definitely amazing.

But when Sehun sits down, a huge ripping noise fills his ears. And his dick springs out of the jeans. Through a huge hole in the crotch area.

Needless to say, the same situation occurs with all three pairs of jeans Sehun steals from his mom.

And needless to say, Sehun needs to compensate for those ripped jeans. When he has shit all to buy himself his own jeans.


One month ago.


Sehun whips his head in the direction of the voice. There was only one direction that voice could be coming from, and it was from Sehun's left. Where Byun Baekhyun was seated.

Sehun blinks at Baekhyun, as if asking Are you talking to me?, but he knew that would be a stupid question because there wasn't anyone else in the room. It was just them two.


All. Alone.

"Why are you sweating?"

Sehun returns his focus to the empty desk in front of him and tries so hard not to wipe the sweat off his forehead. But it was certainly getting hot in the room. It didn't seem to affect Baekhyun, though. Was it just him? Was Sehun sweating like a dog again because he was getting nervous and--

"You're Oh Sehun, right? Junior that should be a sophomore? I--"

"Yes that's me!" Sehun yells, voice accidentally cracking.

But it cracks Baekhyun up before Sehun even has time to be embarrassed. He swoons over Baekhyun's eyes forming moon like crescents. And Baekhyun's laughter is clear and infectious, ringing in Sehun's ears long after Baekhyun had stopped.

"I heard about you from Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol. You know him? Junior that should be a senior? He failed advanced calc that's why, what an idiot. But he tells me you help him a lot. That you're some math genius."

Sehun clears his throat. "Yeah, I guess I am." Good, Sehun. A normal response. Slightly dry, but you can do this. You've talked to major hotties like Baekhyun before. You can do this.

"He always talks about how you're super cute and tall and perfect and…yeah, basically all the good stuff."

Sehun peeks at Baekhyun from his peripherals. "Do…do you agree?"

Baekhyun pauses for a moment. "Yeah. I do. You're pretty cute."

Sehun strangles his hands between his thighs, anything to stop himself from punching himself. Byun Baekhyun thought he was cute.

Baekhyun smiles at Sehun and Sehun feels his insides set on fire.

Something starts vibrating and Sehun becomes fixated on Baekhyun's slending fingers digging for his phone in his pocket. He pulls it out rather slowly and Sehun's mind wanders dangerously.

"Hello? Oh, hey. Yeah. No way? Holy shit! An ass in jeans is a keeper."

And in that moment, Sehun had never been so determined in his life.


"Please, Jongin? Please?"

Sehun grabs hold of Jongin's wrist and shakes it unrelentingly. "I didn't sell my laptop, my shoes, my snapbacks, my life…" He pauses to pout at Jongin, but no budge.

"I didn't give up all of this just to not show up!"

Jongin rolls his eyes and places a firm hand on Sehun's.

Sehun's already prepared for the rejection, but as he feels his face fall, Jongin's eyes soften.

"Ugh, fine. You suck ass, Sehun. You're paying for my dinner."

Sehun bounces in triumph and blows kisses at Jongin. "Thank you Lord Jongin. Order anything you want! The most expensive steak and shrimp. I'm rich now, so I will gladly treat you."

Jongin scoffs. "Yeah, after giving up all your belongings. A pair of jeans wasn't worth it, Sehun."

"Yes it was, Jongin," Sehun says in a sing-songy voice. "If I can get Byun Baekhyun in these jeans, I can get anyone."


"Do I look okay?"

Sehun plays around with his bangs using his front camera as a mirror. He licks his fingers and smoothens out his browns, arching them a bit. "Arched brows make me look more fierce, more attractive."

Jongin laughs into his glass of coke, bubbles forming. "I don't think anyone's going to notice your eyebrows, Sehun. They're almost covered up by your bangs."

Sehun freezes. "Oh, shit. Should I have slicked my hair back then?"

He starts pushing his hair back but Jongin stops him. "Sehun, don't. You look great."

Sehun smiles, sitting back contentedly.

They've been waiting in their seats for 20 minutes because for once in Sehun's life, he actually cared about being on time. Sehun dragged Jongin out of his house way earlier than the time they agreed on, which is the cause of the toothpaste stain on Jongin's polo.

"Great, Sehun. They're gonna think you have a loser friend."

"Well they'd be right in thinking that," Sehun quips. "But it's fine! Don't worry about it Jongin. Chanyeol seems nice. And at least they can focus on me instead of you. I need to be the star of the night here."

Last week, Chanyeol asked out Sehun for dinner during one of their classes together so they could look over some math questions. Sehun took the opportunity to make it into a double date, with Baekhyun and Jongin tagging along. Chanyeol seemed to like the idea a lot, almost relieved he could bring Baekhyun with him.

"But aren't you two going to be solving questions together?" Jongin asks. "How is this dinner going to work out properly?"

Sehun pulls out a piece of paper from beneath his shirt, shoving it in Jongin's face. "I did all the questions with step-by-step solutions so that Chanyeol could study it and I could study Baekhyun's face instead."

Jongin takes the paper, staring at it in amazement. "Wow, Sehun. You're crazy."

"Oh, shit! That's them!" Sehun quietly yells. He pushes Jongin out of the booth and runs to the billiard table, grabbing a stick and bending over the table gingerly, making sure Baekhyun gets a clear shot of his ass as he walks in.

Sehun closes his eyes when he hears Baekhyun and Chanyeol's voice greeting Jongin. He bites down on his lower lip, nervous, but hoping for the best. Please see my ass. Please comment on my ass. Pl--

Sehun feels someone smack his ass, causing him to snap up in surprise. Yes.

"Oh, Baekhyun, I knew--"

"Baekhyun? Oh, he's at the table ordering."

Sehun whips around in surprise and is met with a smiling Chanyeol. It's wasn't a smirking Baekhyun who slapped his ass. It was Chanyeol.

If Chanyeol notices Sehun's face falling in disappointment, he doesn't show it. "I like your jeans!" Chanyeol says through a grin. "Let's head back? We can play pool later. I heard the food is really good here!"

"Yeah," Sehun agrees in a quiet voice.

Don't give up, Sehun! There can be other chances tonight! Sehun gains a sunny disposition once again and slings an arm around Chanyeol's shoulders, taking Chanyeol by surprise. "Yeah! The food is here is great. I love their fish tacos."

By the time they've finished eating, Sehun hasn't made any progress past sharing the fish tacos with Baekhyun because Jongin and Chanyeol wanted the enchiladas instead.

Sehun tried playing footsie with Baekhyun, but apparently he'd been hitting the pole of the table the whole time.

He was also giving Baekhyun bedroom eyes the whole night, slowly licking off the sour cream from his lips from time to time. But no reaction.

At least Baekhyun laughed at all his jokes! Chanyeol seemed more into Jongin's lame ass jokes. But Sehun was glad Jongin and Chanyeol were getting along. It would've been uncomfortable if Jongin stayed quiet all night, and it would've been more work for Sehun to juggle his introverted friend and trying to get into Baekhyun's pants.

"Let's play some pool then?" Chanyeol suggests.

"Sure!" Sehun says almost too excitedly. "I'll pair up with Baekhyun, and you can be with Jongin?"

Baekhyun turns to Chanyeol, "Oh? Don't you want to be with--"

"It's fine! I can be Jongin's partner. We'll beat your ass anyway," Chanyeol says, grabbing Jongin's wrist and setting off to find a pool table.

Sehun slides out of the booth and waits for Baekhyun, who seems to be struggling getting out of the booth.

"Sorry Sehun," he laughs. "I ate so much it hurts to move."

Sehun has to stop himself from squealing at how cute Baekhyun looks right now, lips greasy and face bloated from the food they just ate. "It's fine," Sehun manages to squeak out. He helps Baekhyun by pulling on his hand, and he finds himself intertwining their fingers together.

"Thanks," Baekhyun says. He notices their hands too, and smiles, swinging their interlocked hands. "Let's go kick their ass?"

Sehun can't even respond, focusing on the sensation of them holding hands. Baekhyun drags Sehun to where Chanyeol and Jongin are waiting.

"I'm not really sure how to play, actually," Sehun says coyly.

"Stop being a fake motherfucker," Jongin laughs. "I know you can play."

"No, really!" Sehun insists. "Baekhyun, can you teach me? I don't know if my position is right."

Sehun slowly bends over the pool table with Baekhyun behind him. He knows for sure Baekhyun has a clear shot of his ass now, and he swears he can hear Baekhyun's breath hitch.

"Uh, sure. Yeah. Here." Baekhyun comes up from behind Sehun, placing a hand on Sehun's forearm and the other on his shoulder. "Straighten your arm out more, and bring your shoulder down a bit. Use your elbow for some leverage."

Baekhyun's breath is warm against Sehun's neck, causing Sehun to tremble. Sehun isn't even paying attention to what Baekhyun's saying, he's fully aware how to play, and he's sure some of Baekhyun's directions are wrong but he'll take it anyway. He loves the close proximity, pushing back into Baekhyun's groin on purpose. "Like this?" Sehun asks quietly.

"Um, yeah," Baekhyun gulps. "Perfect."

They play a best out of three and Sehun doesn't let go of his act. He constantly asks Baekhyun for help, grinding against Baekhyun when he gets close. Baekhyun starts to get comfortable and even places a hand on Sehun's ass from time to time. Sehun would give anything to just spread his ass out for Baekhyun. Dear god.

As a result of their shenanigans, they lose 1-3 to Jongin and Chanyeol. But Sehun couldn't care less. He enjoyed his night with Baekhyun, sneaking touches and glances the whole time.

It's around midnight when they finish their game and the last of their drinks.

"Hey Sehun," Chanyeol calls out. "Jongin says you brought him here, I'll take him home. Is it alright if you take Baekhyun with you?"

"It is more than fine," Sehun says, waggling his brows. "I'll take care of him."

Baekhyun slaps Sehun's arm playfully and waves off Chanyeol.


Sehun purposefully takes the longer route to Baekhyun's place.

The ride home is anything but quiet.

If Jongin thought Sehun was loud, he's even louder when he's with Baekhyun.

They talk about their family and interests, and find out they have more in common than they thought. Turns out they both have an older brother, both love music (Baekhyun's in the school's choral group and plays piano), and they both love going to the noraebang. Sehun suggests they go together as a group again some time next week.

"Actually, can we just go, the two of us?" Baekhyun asks.

Sehun almost swerves into the other lane. "What?"

"Holy shit, watch your driving dumb ass," Baekhyun laughs. "Just us two. Like, a real date."

Sehun grips onto the steering wheel, knuckles turning white. "Uh, yeah. Y-yes. Of course," Sehun stutters. "Wouldn't it be sad to leave out Chanyeol and Jongin though?"

"I think they had a great time together," Baekhyun says with a grin on his face.

The rest of the ride home is quiet, some awkward silence filling the air. Sehun feels like it's his fault. Oh god, it's definitely his fault. He couldn't have just played it cool? He had to be a stuttering shitty mess.

"This one," Baekhyun directs to the left.

Sehun pulls into Baekhyun's driveway and sighs.

"Well, I had a great time," Sehun says.

"I did too," Baekhyun replies. "By the way, Sehun."

Sehun turns to Baekhyun, trying to focus on his expression in the dark.

"You're a keeper," Baekhyun says, placing a peck on Sehun's cheek.

"Also, your ass is amazing. Goodnight."

Baekhyun leaves in a hurry, giving Sehun no time to react. And he really can't react anyway. He can't think or move, frozen in his seat.

Did his senior eye candy crush for like, forever, Byun Baekhyun just kiss him? Just compliment his ass? Jesus fucking christ.

Sehun's phone vibrates in his pocket and he fishes it out with trembling fingers. It's a text message from a number he doesn't recognize.

i want 2 eat ur ass :-)

Sehun laughs to the point his stomach starts to hurt. He goes to save the number, happily tapping his keyboard to make a new contact with the name: Byun ass Baekhyun.
Tags: #round 1, rating: pg-13, side pair: chanyeol/jongin, side pair: chanyeol/sehun, warnings: language, word count: less than 5k

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