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love me, love me (say that you love me) [for theperfnerd]

For: theperfnerd
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2.8k
Summary: Sehun’s in love with Baekhyun. This is bad.
Author's Note: n/a

"What are you doing here?"

Across the bar separating them, Sehun glares at his friend. "I fucking work here." He goes back to cleaning glasses with a sorry rag–it doesn't matter anyway, in comparison to the kinds of customers he gets, the glasses are pristine.

Jongin rolls his eyes. "I wasn't talking about that. It's a Friday. You never work Fridays." His eyes widen. "Wait. Did something–"

Sehun slams the glass in his hand onto the bar to stop Jongin from continuing. He sends his friend a heated glare and slowly refills Jongin's glass of shitty, cheap beer before moving onto the next dirty glass, cleaning half-heartedly.

Jongin looks at his friend over his glass, eyes narrowed in suspicion. Sehun rolls his eyes and leans against the back counter. But Jongin's right, he's never worked Fridays, especially not since... but he may as well start now, seeing as his rent has risen and he doesn't have anything else to do.

The door opens and a small figure walks in. For a moment Sehun thinks it's someone he knows and dives behind the bar, resurfacing to peek over the edge. He sighs when he sees that it's not who he thought it was, and goes back to cleaning glasses.

Jongin merely stares at him, one eyebrow raised. "Okay, now you have to tell me what's going on."

Sehun looks upwards, honestly debating on telling his friend, but the the door opens again and a tall man walks in. He makes a beeline for the bar, large smile on his face.

"Sehun!" He greets with his customary enthusiasm, smile too big for his face. He orders a drink and settles down with Jongin, effectively distracting the man. Sehun frowns slightly, but he supposes that it's for the best. It's all too complicated, anyhow.

Given the fact that it's a Friday night, and that the bar Sehun works at is pretty close to the business area of the city, men and women dressed in suits begin to flood the bar and orders become a steady flow, one after another. Sehun can't give any attention to Chanyeol, who's smiling as he types into his phone, or Jongin, who's grinning over his shoulder.

The crowd has just started to calm down when another person steps up to the bar.

"What can I get for you?" Sehun asks, hand poised over the glasses.

"I'll take you."

Sehun startles and looks up. Shit. Panicked, he looks over to where Jongin and Chanyeol had been, but now their seats are empty, glasses left behind. His gaze slowly wanders back to the man standing in front of him and he takes in the windswept brown hair, the man's soft face, and eyes that bore into Sehun. He swallows, attempting a smile but falling short. "Baekhyun! What brings you here?"

The man doesn't give an answer, but looks at the other bartender. "Can he handle working by himself for the rest of the night?"

Sehun frowns. "Well, um, I guess so. I don't think we'll be having another rush unless–"

"Good," Baekhyun interrupts. "Come with me."

Sehun screws up his face, but he can't say no. No when Baekhyun's making that face, and no when he's honestly glad to see the man, heart beating a little louder inside his chest. Instead, he takes his time packing up, talking to his coworker before heading to the backroom to grab his jacket–the man says he'll be fine alone, and gives Sehun a small smile–and pull it on. He leans back against the wall for a moment, hand pressed against his chest and another pushing his hair out of his eyes. He can't tell Baekhyun anything.

No. This will be the last time he sees Baekhyun.

When he walks out into the bar proper, Baekhyun's waiting for him. The man's slouched against the wall, eyes directed at the ground, and if Sehun really looks at him, he seems almost sad.

Then Baekhyun looks up and immediately a smile appears on his face. "Alright! Let's go." He leads the way out, weaving through the crowd and pushing open the double doors.

Outside, the air is barely any cleaner, but Sehun takes a few deep breaths anyway, eyes closed. When he looks back down, Baekhyun is staring at him, gaze unreadable. Sehun merely watches as he looks away and begins walking down the street. A little sadly, Sehun wonders how they got here.

Well, that's a lie. He knows how they got here.

Sehun had decided early in his sophomore year of college that he didn't need an education to get where he wanted in life. Of course, his parents didn't agree, and there was a week where he received phone calls every single day, and then, suddenly, none at all. He had later found that all his savings had been cut off, and realized with a little bit of incredulity that he had been kicked out.

He'd immediately dropped out of college. He figured his parents wouldn't mind at that point. Then, it had been a matter of finding a job and an apartment. He was sure of himself and his skills from working odd jobs in high school and his freshman year.

It wasn't long before he discovered that no one likes college dropouts. Most businesses told him that they weren't hiring, and a few interviews got to the point of scheduling before he told them that he would be able to work any hours, because he didn't have any classes, and the employer frowned greatly before giving him a lecture on the importance of an education before sending him out. It was a slap to the face, but Sehun had to keep searching as he moved his things into a tiny box of an apartment and lived on ramen for a week.

That's when he got the bartender gig. His boss had laughed when he told him about dropping out of college. It's a little late for a rebellion, kid! the woman had said, this great big smile easing out the wrinkles in her face. But, okay, until you come to your senses, you can work here.

It was nice and the pay was reasonable. Sehun had no problem meeting rent (especially not for his shithole apartment), but it was all lackluster. He was lonely. A friend from college, Jongin, had been keeping a close eye on him to make sure that he was alright, and came to the bar every now and then, but Sehun needed a little more.

That's when he'd met Baekhyun.

That particular night, Sehun had forced down more than one shot–they were getting renovations and his boss wanted to celebrate–and then decided to go shopping. It was late at night, but he was hardly the only one at the grocery store. It wasn't until he had made it through the fruits and was onto the instant meals that he noticed someone was looking at him. When Sehun turned to face the man, he noticed fair skin, carefully disheveled hair, and bright eyes. He'd gone down one last aisle, just to make sure he wasn't imagining it.

When the man did show up, Sehun walked right up to him–god, he was so tired of his dingy walls and only his hand. He hadn't gotten laid in what felt like years–he noticed the way the man's eyes raked down his body, and asked him if he was going to do anything about it. The man had left his cart in the middle of the aisle and dragged Sehun out of there.

His name was Baekhyun and he fucked like a dream. Though Sehun was taller than him, longer than him, he would man handle Sehun like a rag doll, fold him in half until Sehun's muscles were aching and tears were pricking at his eyes, but his cock was thick and he hit Sehun's prostate on nearly every thrust in after he'd found the bundle of nerves. Sehun had come hard and, when he hadn't been kicked out immediately, had asked if this could become more than a one-time deal.

That's how their Fridays had started. At first, Sehun would make his way over to the man's apartment (it was on the other side of town but oh, god was it worth it) and they'd fuck all night, until Sehun was begging him to stop, and then he'd leave in the morning with sore muscles and an affectionate slap on the ass from Baekhyun.

But then Sehun had woken up to breakfast one morning, and it became more that that. They started meeting for dinner beforehand, and before he knew it, Sehun was meeting Baekhyun's friends, and Jongin was joining them for dinner and group outings.

But it was fine. He and Baekhyun were just friends... and a little bit more. No need for alarm. And he still hated it when Baekhyun slapped his ass in public and god, was it annoying when the man snored in his sleep.

But then it wasn't so fine.

Sehun had made the mistake of looking up one night as Baekhyun was fucking him, and his breath caught in his throat. the man's usually messy hair was now even more so, little strands of it stuck to his forehead. Tiny beads of sweat framed his jaw and Sehun found himself enraptured, speechless. That night, he had come untouched as Baekhyun's thrusts had become more erratic. And then, as he was lying in the pillows trying to make sense of everything, Baekhyun had gently pushed his hair out of his face and given him a chaste kiss before rolling onto his side and falling asleep.

Sehun had left that morning before Baekhyun could wake up, and blew off all the man's invitations to go out that week. He tried to figure out what had changed, what had gone wrong, but then it was painfully obvious.

He had fallen in love with Byun Baekhyun.

That Friday, he had texted Baekhyun to tell him that he was sick and couldn't make it, and ordered the man not to come when he offered to spend the night at Sehun's dump of a home and bring him takeout.

Sehun was sure that this was the only way things could work out. There was no way he could go back, fucking Baekhyun when he knew the man didn't mean it only hurt, and Baekhyun was a goddamn tease. No way he'd do anything but laugh if Sehun told him how he'd felt.

The canceled Friday had been last week. He had been planning to work all night tonight, forget about Baekhyun, but obviously that plan hadn't worked.

"What happened?"

Sehun startled, glancing to the side. Baekhyun had fallen into step with him and he hadn't even noticed. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I must've done something wrong, right?" Baekhyun says, voice uncharacteristically small. "You didn't even stay last time..." His eyes light up. "Am I not enough? Do you have kinks you need taken care of? I can do that, I mean, Jongdae has videos and stuff so–"

Sehun laughs despite himself. "No, that's not the problem. I don't have any kinks." Well, that's not completely true but they can talk about it later. "It's just that..." he trails off, gaze trained on the pavement. He can't say it.

Baekhyun round him off, and they're right under a streetlamp. Sehun gulps. Baekhyun looks a little tired–there's small bags under his eyes–and maybe a little a frantic, but under the lamplight, his skin almost glows and his eyes are hard with determination.

Sehun feelings haven't changed at all. He's still helplessly in love.

Slowly, Baekhyun reaches up and cups Sehun's face in his hands. The taller man shivers slightly and closes his eyes. "Sehun, please."

"I love you," he whispers. Sehun opens his eyes, staring down at Baekhyun's shocked face. This is it. This is the end. "I love you, and that's why I left. Because you won't ever love me back and you just want–"

Baekhyun surges forward and presses their lips together to shut Sehun up. He doesn't pull away until Sehun's breathless.

"And who are you to say what I want?" He snaps, fixing Sehun with a playful glare. "What if I'm just as hopelessly in love with you?"

Sehun opens his mouth. Then closes it. "But–what?–No, that's not," he breaks off, endlessly confused. "Wait. What did you say?"

Baekhyun looks up a the sky and frowns. "Why did you have to give me one of the dumb ones?"

Sehun punches the man lightly in the gut and frowns as Baekhyun doubles over. "What you said before. Say it again."

"Holy shit, Sehun," the man moans, "I love you, okay? Please don't punch me."

Sehun's frozen in shock. What. "Why didn't you say anything?" he demands.

Baekhyun straightens and frowns. "What was I supposed to do? Pause for a moment when I'm balls-deep inside you and say, hey, Sehun, you look great when you're begging to come? Marry me?"

Sehun rolls his eyes. "No, just," he sighs. "Nevermind."

Baekhyun steps closer, winds his arms around Sehun's neck and stares into his eyes. "Oh Sehun, I love you a lot." He punctuates the declaration with a kiss to Sehun's collarbone. "And if you ignore me for a week again, I might consider maiming you." This time, he kisses Sehun's neck. "I was worried."

Sehun's breath stutters. He pulls Baekhyun closer, hands on the man's hips, and leans down so that he can kiss him. It's a soft, chaste kiss, but it still makes Sehun's chest flare with feeling.

"My place?" Baekhyun asks, a little out of breath.

Sehun nods.

Baekhyun's place is a little bigger–that's what a commercial job will do for you–and Sehun knows it like the back of his hand. He litters Baekhyun's throat with kisses as the man opens and closes the door, leading him towards the bedroom until his knees meet the mattress and he falls backwards, bringing Baekhyun with him.

Baekhyun kisses him meaningfully, lips lingering, and rummages through his drawers until he finds what he's looking for. He leans down to whisper in Sehun's ear, asking him to take off his clothes, and Sehun doesn't waste any time. He throws off his shirt and pants, quickly followed by his underwear, and when he lies back down he sees that Baekhyun is bare as well.

This time, Baekhyun doesn't tease. He leans down and gives Sehun's unmarred skin little bites as he squeezes lube onto his fingers, and then he swallows Sehun's gasps as his fingers slip inside. Baekhyun works him open slowly, touches lingering until his slender fingers locate the spot that has Sehun whimpering, arms coming up to hold Baekhyun close.

The smaller man pulls his fingers free and Sehun barely has a moment to catch his breath before he's being entered by something a little bit thicker than the three fingers that had been working him open. Baekhyun pulls back a slightly to release a moan that Sehun echoes, and then he's rocking his hips forward, setting a pace that Sehun tries to follow, meeting Baekhyun halfway.

But this time it's a little different. Baekhyun doesn't bend him in half, instead he directs Sehun's legs around his waist and holds his sides as he thrusts forward, not going nearly as fast as Sehun would like. But his movements are gentle, tender, and when Sehun looks up he sees Baekhyun staring back down at him, gaze fond as he raises a hand to cup Sehun's cheek. And it's not the pain that has tears beading at the corner of his eyes.

Despite the steady pace, Sehun feels himself nearing his end and tries to warn Baekhyun, but ends up only releasing little breathy moans. Baekhyun understands, though, and reaches between them, fingers encompassing Sehun as he smooths his thumb over the tip.

Sehun comes with a silent scream, and Baekhyun follows not long after, leaning down to pepper kisses on Sehun's skin and whisper, "I love you," in his ear a million times.

Baekhyun reluctantly leaves the bed to clean them up but returns within minutes, climbing back in bed and pressing his front to Sehun's back, pulling him close. Sleepily, Sehun curls up and places his hands on top of Baekhyun's smiling as he feels soft lips press against the back of his neck.

Loving Byun Baekhyun might not be so bad.

(The next morning, Baekhyun makes them both pancakes and writes Marry Me? on Sehun's in maple syrup. When Sehun gives him an unimpressed look, Baekhyun changes it to a messy move in w/ Me? and complains that romance is dead.)
Tags: #round 1, rating: nc-17, word count: less than 5k

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